Installation - Windows of Opportunity I, Public Art Project, Singapore

Some images of making of the installation - Windows of Opportunity I


Sculptural Installation as part of DRIVE, Gillman Barracks, Singapore

Windows of Opportunity

PVC drain covers, spray paint
9 x 9 Feet



This installation was part of Gillman Barracks' Public Art Project DRIVE which was an Initiative by Yeo Workshop, a prominent local gallery in Singapore. DRIVE showcased works by some local and International artists.


I created this installation using the ubiquitous PVC white drain covers used in public and private spaces in Singapore. These inanimate objects seem unfazed by our existence as much as we remain oblivious to their presence as a mundane object. This installation was available for public viewing for four months in 2014/15 at Block 7, Gillman Barracks, Lock Road, Singapore.


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